Your rave reviews make us blush 

I had an amazing experience working with Marnie. She was able to quickly and accurately identify my strengths and inspire a lot of confidence in what I have to offer. After a few sessions with Marnie, I felt like I was finally able to clearly articulate my “career story” and present myself in the best possible way both on LinkedIn and my resume. Marnie took the time to walk me through LinkedIn section by section and provide guidance on where I needed improvements and how to go about making them. I highly recommend working with Marnie if you have the opportunity to do so.” Joey, HR Business Partner.

“Working with you was a great experience. You helped me upgrade my resume, cover letter and walked me through a complete overhaul of my LinkedIn profile to appeal more to recruiters. You were very hands on during the process and were always there to help me when needed. As a recent university graduate, your expertise to help me jump start my career and direct me on the path to success. I would strongly recommend working with Engaged Careers if you have the opportunity. Thank you for all your help! Eddie, Financial Advisor

“I met Marnie for the first time when I was a doctoral student at UBC. After my graduation, Marnie was such a great mentor to me in developing my career search strategies. She gave me wonderful tips to improve my resume. Marnie is also a great LinkedIn expert! I learned a lot from her. Moreover, she was very kind to introduce me to her business network on LinkedIn. Marnie truly likes to help others and inspires them to be the best they can. Thank you so much Marnie for all your kind help! I very much appreciate it!” Private name, IT Consultant

“You won’t believe it but I was only unemployed for 4 hours! After working out my notice period which ended today, I just received a job offer for the exact position I wanted! I know I’ve said this so may times, and here it is again, Thank you!” Priscilla, Mortgage Specialist

“If you are ready to make a move or enter the job force, and are trying to determine what your next step will be, I strongly recommend that you give Marnie a call. Not only is she a delight to work with, but her ability to help you find your “niche”, and develop a compelling resume and ‘story’ is spot on! Thanks to her help, I successfully (and quickly) found and obtained the job of my dreams… with one of the best companies to work for! Thank you Marnie… I couldn’t have done it without your help!” Cheryl, Business Development Manager

“Marnie’s expertise was instrumental in getting my career back on track. Her insight, coaching, and straight-forward approach forced me to think outside the box, and her ongoing support and encouragement was an unexpected benefit.” Carmen, Senior Executive Assistant

“At the moment the struggle to balance the loss of my position while seeking a new job with an older resume hit me, I was highly recommended to reach out to Marnie. Undoubtedly the best decision I could have made!  I’m truly grateful for her expertise and straightforward approach to understanding the key elements of my career and personality; to deliver a professional resume and LinkedIn profile. In a remarkably short time span, without the endless back and forth Marnie created the perfect arrangement of content ready for me to use. Immediately I was able to focus my time on the right employment and networking opportunities feeling confident and successful again. Many thanks Marnie” – Dean, Business Analyst

“Marnie is great to work with– she asks questions that cut through the BS and is able to quickly get at the distinctive excellence of a business or a person. After years of watching her help other people I hired Marnie to review my LinkedIn, resume and write a cover letter–all with a ridiculous deadline. In no time at all Marnie had everything organized, written and ready for me to review. The insights and finished product were awesome. I will continue to work with Marnie.” Clay, Business Strategist

“The best part of the process was your interview. It helped me crystallize my strengths and has given examples for my interviews. This was one of best dollar per dollar investments ever and I received 3 interviews within a week of sending out my new resume.” Ted, Chief Operations Officer

“At long last I can finally send you an update! I have accepted a position at {company name confidential} Thanks for all your advice. ” Susan, Tourism Executive

“Thanks, this is the best resume I’ve ever had.  I’ve always struggled to find the words to describe my skills and abilities, and you did it beautifully. You’re getting me to look at things differently and for that I am grateful.” Tom, Account Manager

“Wow! I’d hire me! This resume is so much more detailed.  I would never of been able to do this on my own.  It is hard writing about yourself. Thanks!!” Laura, Financial Advisor

“I’ve received three calls for interviews in less than two weeks with my new resume.I think that says it all.” Martin, Senior Technology Manager

“Marnie was very prompt with all correspondence and flexible with her time. I feel like I have gotten great value for the package price and I am more confident in my job search in a new province as a result. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs an overhaul or an update to their resume or who would like help tailoring their resume to make strategic moves in their career.” Amirali, Engineer

“I was almost ready to give up hope when I found you. After months of fruitless searching, I thought I had a good resume, but within minutes you were able to point out areas for improvement and I’m thrilled to report my new resume has already produced results.” Rachel, Marketing Manager

“This is amazing! You’re a STAR??  I love it.” Julie, International Program Development

“I’m so impressed with how my new resume captures both my personality and experience. Your professional approach, expert knowledge and insightful questions have given me newfound confidence in my abilities. I’m ready to take on the world!” Michelle, Travel Industry

“I think we have it made!  This is definitely a much stronger version than what I was attempting to assemble.  Thanks for your time, you’re a gem! Dean, Trainer

“Extremely worthwhile as evident by the immediate and positive feedback I received about my resume. In addition, your ability to position my strengths and professional achievements served to exponentially increase my level of self-confidence!” Dee, Executive Director

“Got a fantastic offer. Very top of their compensation scale. So, I will be accepting it, very excited! I wanted to thank you so much for your help, couldn’t have done it without you!!” Connor, Health and Safety Manager

“Oh wow I’ve been going over my resume and adding bits and pieces. This new version is ace.” Corey, HR Executive

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sound advice and expertise. You are the voice of reason in an often chaotic world.Thank you for your unwavering support!” Elaine, Financial Professional

“Thank you I appreciate your sage advice. I just looked at the LinkedIn profile and it looks fabulous.” Fred, Medical Professional

“Thanks for your help, the new resume seems to work and my LinkedIn presence seems to work for the target audience in town.” Geoffrey, CFO

“Firstly, thank you for getting the new and improved resume and cover letter put together so quickly. I have to say… it’s freaking awesome. I’d totally hire me based on how it’s written.” Raj, Inside Sales

“I am very happy with the outcome. The responses to my applications got a 100% better. I became more confident about my achievements and was able to tell about my experiences in a more structured way.” Shelly,Tech Analyst

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the fabulous resume and to let you know that I started a new position with Service Canada last week!” Kaley, Account Coordinator

“I like the cover letter, it emphasizes my transferable skills well. It is looking good so far.” Maureen, Technical Analyst

“The best part of the process was an easy phone call with a very professional person. I like what you have given me and well worth the money. I will recommend you to anyone needing a resume and or a LinkedIn Profile.” Stewart, Sales

“It’s been over five years since I’ve edited my resume. It required a complete transformation and you were the perfect person to help. You captured my experiences and skills and articulated it in a professional manner. I feel very confident that with your help, I am able to compete in a competitive market.” Jason, Non-profit

“I would enthusiastically recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.” Rick, IT Manager

“After finishing my MBA, I found myself struggling to develop an effective resume and cover letter format to stand out from hundreds of other applicants. Engaged Careers gave me the spark I needed to get the attention of recruiters.” Brent, Fortune 500 Technology Consultant

“The best part was getting the end result. Well, that, and talking with you on the phone and learning so much more about myself. You made me realize I am more capable than I thought, and getting it all down on paper. I have read the resume a few times, and the more I read it the more confident I am becoming in myself.” Sarvin, Environmental Consultant

“I wanted to get my resume done without agonizing over it. I turned to Engaged Careers, who knows what companies are looking for and what type of resumes get the most attention. I love the resume and this is the reason I hired a professional to create it.” Ian, Construction Manager

“Engaged Careers helped me greatly with editing my resume. You are very talented in capturing the essence of a person’s experience and core strengths and quickly articulate it in a well-structured and professional manner.” David, Business Development Manager

“Loving the end result, thanks again for working on this so quickly.” David, Technology Manager

“Having spent close to six months applying for jobs that I knew I was strongly qualified for and not receiving as many responses as I had anticipated, I sought Engaged Career’s expert advice. Engaged Careers helped me change my resume in a way that it became more reflective of my personality. You asked me the perfect questions that helped bring to light those qualifications that remained hidden in my previous resume. Once I started sending my new resume, I started getting phone calls, and interviews. All of a sudden, it seemed my resume had made it to the top of the pile.” Nicki, Healthcare Consultant.