Why Hire A Career Coach?

When you hire a career coach, you get direct, constructive, and insightful advice. We will help you stay motivated, explore new job opportunities, prepare for job interviews, and help target your career search. As a result of our career coaching, our clients tell us they feel empowered and bursting with confidence as a result of our career coaching.

We will review your current status, career objectives and timeline. In addition to a review of your current job, you can expect probing questions to help you fine tune your career strategy before creating an action plan. We offer career coach on an hourly basis or as a part of a career services package.

  • Clarify your unique talents and strengths
  • Identify how to downplay perceived weaknesses
  • Brainstorm to identify how to reinvigorate your search
  • Practice for an upcoming interview
  • Debrief following a recent interview
  • Negotiate a salary reflective of your experience
  • Schedule a regular check-in once you begin your job search to maintain your spirits and momentum

What Results Can You Expect?

In addition to a receiving one-on-one coaching, your career coach can support you to:

  • Prepare for a targeted job opportunity (approach, resume, cover letter, LinkedIn )
  • Develop a focused job search strategy by industry sector, job role or location
  • Navigate a new career direction with proactive brainstorming to explore new opportunities
  • Improve your LinkedIn engagement by staying relevant in your industry
  • Use LinkedIn to uncover hidden job opportunities using your own network
  • Prepare for your upcoming interview and feel confident in asking the right questions

Speak With Us Today

Career Coaching is a great way to stay focused on your goals and keep you on track. We’ll help you uncover your talents and see yourself the way potential employers do. Contact for career coach pricing info@engagedcareers.com.

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