Engaged Careers is an industry leading career consulting firm with a track record of helping executives, mid-career and technology professionals, and recent university graduates find meaningful work. We’ve worked with hundreds of job seekers over the past decade at every stage of their career paths. From C-level executives, earning six figure incomes, to new graduates with limited experience, our talent for identifying your unique skills and abilities is unmatched.

We make it our business to stay abreast of industry trends, including changes in the marketplace, identification of up-and-coming employers and other opportunities that many job seekers overlook. We’re witnessing an unprecedented change in market conditions, and while it can be unsettling, it also creates opportunities for job hunters who are prepared.

Our sole focus is to help our clients achieve their career aspirations by offering direct, proactive and no-nonsense advice. Our clients have consistently commented on how empowered they feel at the end of the process and in many cases have dramatically shortened their search time, from months to weeks, and negotiated higher salaries reflective of their education and experience.

2012M. Anderson, Engaged Careers

The principal of Engaged Careers, Ms. Anderson holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). She has over 15 years expertise as a career coach and takes a personal interest in the success of each client. She has lived and worked in Asia and her international experience includes projects in SE Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Ms. Anderson has been featured in:

Fast Company                    CBC                        TGM

Community Involvement

Ms. Anderson is actively involved in her community and looks for opportunities to share our business knowledge with various community groups focused on economic empowerment.


She is an active mentor and supporter of new immigrants to Canada to accelerate their career search and professional success in Canada.

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