How can we help? Engaged Careers has worked with hundreds of job seekers, just like you. Let’s face it, job hunting can be a lonely experience. We take a personal interest in your success. You’ll get honest and action-oriented strategies to help you find your dream job. You’ll get a career toolkit including a personal brand, resume, cover letter, optimized LinkedIn Profile and focused job search and networking strategies.

You’ll see immediate results. You’ll significantly reduce your time to get hired by working with us. Your Career Package includes:

  • Personalized Resume
  • Standout Cover Letter
  • Personal Branding Statement
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • LinkedIn Networking Strategies
  • LinkedIn Job Search Strategies
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Coaching
  • Local Employer Knowledge and Connections

Career Packages for C-Suite and Senior Executives

You’ve achieved a high level of success in your career. You’re looking for a new challenge. You’re so busy working that you don’t have the time to clearly present your accomplishments to employers. We’re witnessing a major change in the economy which is creating opportunities for executive job seekers s who are prepared. Together, we’ll uncover your achievements to get recruiter’s attention. Our clients have consistently shortened their search time, from months to weeks. We’ll help you learn negotiation tips to get a 10-30% increase over your previous salary.

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Career Packages for Mid-career Professionals

If you are a mid-career business professional, layoffs and restructurings are common. Your previous job search may have left you feeling frustrated and now you’re trying to get recruiters attention without success. Don’t lose confidence or question the value of your skills. We’ll help you identify your marketable skills and get you back to work quickly. HR people say the average person will change careers at least 4-5 times in their lifetime.

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Career Packages for MBA Graduates

Phew, what an accomplishment to complete your MBA. Some say it’s a sprint but for anyone who’s completed an MBA you know it was truly many marathons. So now what? Well it’s time to get into action and get some serious ROI from all your efforts. There are endless opportunities which may seem overwhelming to you. We can help you dramatically shorten your time to get hired by developing a focused career strategy and preparing your ‘marketing toolkit’ to wow potential employers. Get into action today.

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Career Packages for University Graduates

Congratulations, you’ve done the hard word to attain your degree. Now it’s time to use your education and launch your career. Unsure how to position yourself for success? By working with us, you’ll reduce your search from months to weeks in some cases (results vary). If you’re concerned about issues such as inexperience and an uneven work history, we’ll help you focus on your achievements to date. As a student, we know funds are tight and we offer a special rate for new graduates to get you started on the right foot.

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When you started your job search you felt optimistic and confident about your prospects. The phone silence is contributing to your anxiety. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and still no calls. You may have all the skills required in the job posting, but if your resume and LinkedIn profile fail to impress, your chance of getting an interview is slim to none. Don’t waste another minute, contact Engaged Careers today.

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