Why hire a Career Coach? You’ll get direct, constructive, and proactive career coaching advice. You’ll get an impartial assessment of your skills and your current job search strategy. You’ll get a no nonsense assessment and immediate suggestions you can put to work to jump start your career search. Does this sound like you? Do you:

  • Need advice on how to approach your job search
  • Want support to keep you motivated and on track
  • Feel intimidated by the interview process
  • Want to change jobs within the same industry
  • Think it’s time to transition to another industry
  • Want to go back to school to upgrade your skills

If yes, you’d benefit from the short-term support from a career coach. Our clients tell us they feel empowered and bursting with confidence as a result of working us. You’ll get timely career advice that you can immediately put into action.

What should you expect? A typical session will examine your current status, your career objectives and your timeline. You’ll be asked probing questions to help you fine tune your career strategy before creating an action plan. Career Coaching is offered on an hourly basis or as a package. You can use your time however you choose to:

  • Clarify your unique talents and strengths
  • Identify how to downplay perceived weaknesses
  • Brainstorm to identify how to reinvigorate your search
  • Practice for an upcoming interview
  • Debrief following a recent interview
  • Negotiate a salary reflective of your experience
  • Schedule a regular check-in once you begin your job search to maintain your spirits and momentum

Haven’t worked with a coach before? Hiring a Career Coach is a great way to stay focused on your goals and keep you on track. We’ll help you uncover your talents and see yourself the way potential employers do.

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